About Bizpage

BIZPAGE is a showcase of ELAINE, a symbolic AI technology for NLU. The examples shown here exemplify ELAINE's capability in analyzing textual documents across different domains without the traditional machine learning, tagging, and pre-training.

ELAINE Competitive Intelligence - Insights into growth strategy and operational models of public companies in the U.S.

Strategic business execution is taking on a new dimension with the introduction of AI based on Symbolic Logic.

This new world order is challenging the status quo of businesses, investors, and governments.

Embedded in the thousands of earnings call transcripts are the documentation of practices on business executions, strategies, and models.

Although answers to many of the challenges, such as trends, regional opportunities, growth model & strategy, customer retention, addressable markets and risks, are presented by business executive teams in their quarterly earnings calls, getting this information with manual analysis is not scalable.

Earning Intelligence solved this limitation by delegating the mental intensive task to Symbolic AI. Qualitative data is automatically analyzed for context and relevance.

About ELAINE Competitive Intelligence and the Technology

ELAINE News Analysis - Automated analysis of real-time news - shows you what's important and relevant without bias. Reports of analysis are generated hourly.

ELAINE Community

ELAINE Community provides a complimentary service for users to experience ELAINE analysis using their own document. Documents can be uploaded to ELAINE and access result of the analysis in a matter of seconds. If you have interest to upload your own documents, please contact us for details. The followings are examples that exemplify ELAINE's capability in analyzing documents across different domains without pre-training:

These articles draw references from textual documents, a service provided by SiteFocus