Earnings Intelligence (EI) transforms earnings call transcripts into business intelligence

Published Date: 2019/10/11

When light source hits the surface of a prism, refraction splits it into light spectrums showing beam elements that made up the light source.

Using a similar analogy, by inputting a company’s Earning Call Transcript to EI, we got back heat-map of tuples highlighting the important business scenarios that matters to the company.

Why is this business intelligence important?

Through the application of EI, we are able to delegate a mental intensive reading and analyzing exercise previously only possible with human into machine; doing so will dramatically reduce the cost and time in analyzing the qualitative (textual) aspects of a company’s operation. When combined with the quantitative aspects from a balance sheet, a company’s key performance is fully revealed.

A paradigm shift

Portfolio managers, investors, business strategies, marketing and business executives alike can gain insight into a company instantly. This new information channel will enable decision makers to draw references from every micro economic models from many public companies without having the incur the traditional cost and time.

This article draws references from Earnings Intelligence, a service provided by SiteFocus